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Growing up, I was always able to express myself most through the written word. I’m fortunate that I was able to translate this ability into a blossoming hobby as a professional writer. I always strive to learn and develop my literary style and voice, approaching every challenge I come across as an experience to grow and develop as a writer. That’s why, in addition to working on projects similar to those I have already completed, I also seek out new types of endeavors I have yet to encounter.


Dedicated to advocating for children, notably those with special needs, I also serve the community by implementing bullying intervention programs and exposing corruption. My books have won numerous awards and recognition for their inspiration and positive influence. In 2017, I earned the Rise Award for impeccable advocacy for people with Down syndrome. My award-winning children's book, HERE I AM, earned the Mom's Choice Award® for BEST IN FAMILY-FRIENDLY MEDIA and was nominated for BEST CHILDREN'S BOOK in the Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) in 2016.  Following that, my book ABANDONED was nominated for BEST MEMOIR in GAYA for 2018, and it was a finalist for  BEST INSPIRATIONAL MEMOIR in the Georgia Independent Author of the Year Awards (GIAYA) in May 2019.

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ABANDONED details a true story in America of children surviving an experimental, government-funded, behavior-modification program—a program that used highly refined techniques compared to 

North Korean brainwashing.

As Susie bravely tells the story in her book, she is a voice for over 100,000 survivors, who endured a significant period of their lives in an egregious child torture cult. Join Susie on a journey through her life in a quest to find joy and happiness despite repeated and seemingly endless adversity. ABANDONED shares a message of hope, optimism, perseverance, resilience, and survival.  

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Join "Blue" on a journey as he seeks to share his heart with others. Once the other characters accept him for his differences, they are forever changed. HERE I AM is a book about acceptance, inclusion, and diversity. This award-winning book is perfect for implementing bullying intervention programs and the inclusion of children with special needs. 

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